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Client Testimonials

I want to thank you for your help with resolving my water heater problems for Rita's Ice parlor in Vienna, Virginia. The guy you sent or ask to go, Brandon, was a huge huge help. He went back down there Friday night and took care of the problem. He kept me updated and gave his time up with his family in order to solve the problem with the Bradford White Water Heater. I can't thank you enough. Rita's had a whole bunch of corporate people flying in this weekend and the job had to be done. Brandon came down and took care of it Friday night and this weekend was a success because of him. Thanks again to everybody involved. It means a lot to me as a small business owner to know that I have a team behind me that I can count on for support and work through complications when they arise. Thank you again!

John Bounds


Within just a few hours of ordering, Brandon Agnew cross-referenced our old Rheem water heater that was on the jobsite and delivered us the new Bradford White 98 gallon equivalent. He unloaded it from his truck, maneuvered it to the basement of the apartment complex where it was being installed, and hauled away the old one.

What impressed me more than anything was that he overheard we needed some parts and without even asking, he went ahead and put them on will call for me at the nearest location. Unbelievable customer service. Thank you, Brandon!

Kevin McCall


I wanted to compliment you on the stellar way that Mark Beckwith helped me this past week. I have been in the midst of a massive renovation at our home and have had great difficulty with our general contractor and plumber as it relates to our fixtures. I reached out to Mark after not getting the support I needed.

Mark didn’t make any unrealistic promises but was empathetic and assured me that he would reach out to his Delta rep to inquire and try to help me. Within 24 hours, he had followed up and put me in touch with her for a solution that I am most appreciative of.



I am a licensed home improvement contractor in Maryland. I wanted to let someone know how much I appreciate Dave Feld and the rest of the staff in your Ocean City branch. They are friendly and eager to help you get what you need to complete the job. It's just nice to be able to go to a supply house and not get the "cool guy" attitude because you don't know the right word for a product, or need to ask for help. I am sure this may not seem like a big deal but most places seem to thrive on this condescending attitude towards customers.



I called your Elkton store to purchase a well pump - only problem I was in Annapolis and heading south with no way to make it by closing. Your manager, Kevin Kirsch, made arrangements with your Bel Air store for me to purchase the pump and have it hidden for an after-hours pick up. I want to say thank you for all the extra effort and excellent care I was given. I was able to restore water to my rental last night instead of making them wait until Monday.



I just wanted to take a minute to brag about one of your employees, Rachel Levin from your Pocomoke branch. She seems to be understaffed at that location but nevertheless handles the phones and the lines of people whenever I visit the branch. In my opinion she is a good asset to your company. Always follows through on promises for delivery of products and is always helping us get the job done. I just wanted to let you know she does a great job. 

Jeff - Temperanceville, VA


I just wanted you to know that you have a great person at your front desk in Dulles, Shelly Harryman. She helped me identify a part and get it ordered whereas three other supply outlets had failed. I really appreciated her stick-to-it-iveness, she didn't quit and also kept me from ordering the wrong item.

Larry - Dulles, VA


I purchased a kitchen faucet from Northeastern Supply in Easton, Maryland. As I was installing it I found I needed to use the installation tool to tighten the mounting nut. The tool was not in the box and I was unable to get my wrench in the tight quarters to tighten it sufficiently. So, back to Northeastern Supply I went…

The person behind the counter at Northeastern proceeded to open another box and…no such tool in that box either. He finally found the right tool in another box and gave it to me. He apologized and said that it should work. He explained that Northeastern is a plumbing supply house and “normally” plumbers purchase the products and they would have the necessary tools for the installation. He took the time to explain why the tool was probably missing and gave me a replacement, no questions asked. I drove home and the installation went smoothly. I just want to say thank you to Northeastern Supply for the outstanding customer service. They were the ones that sold me on the Moen in the first place and it is every bit the quality product that Northeastern said it was. 'Atta boy' to Northeastern Supply!

Mike - Easton, MD


I just wanted to give you a heads up because I remember discussing this with you a month ago. It was in regards to getting into the water conditioning, testing, systems, servicing, sanitizing, and chlorination. I met up with Chuck Daniels today for a few hours. He is on the “H2O Team” and works under Mike Tag. He was extremely helpful and extremely enthused about what he does. He explained to me all the different services I can perform for our customers as a contractor. Im starting off small and just dealing with the chlorination side of the business. So we will see how it goes. I feel pretty confident getting involved with these types of services. I just figured I would let you know it was well worth meeting up with Chuck Daniels and having him help me get the ball rolling.



Everything went good Friday night. The guys wanted me to let you know the delivery guy was awesome. He made the job go so much smoother. We could not drain the heater until he arrived because the entire building had to be shutdown (valves did not hold). He got there and moved the two heaters so quickly, the water was only off about an hour and a half. The manager was happy about that. 

Steve Bogan


I wanted to thank you for getting the water heater for me today using the emergency delivery method.  That was a great help today since I had a restaurant without hot water. 

The delivery man, Brandon Agnew, was very professional and polite.  What a great guy your company has there.  I will not hesitate to use this service anytime in the future if I need it.  Brandon arrived on the job and got right to it. When I asked him what I could do to help he said, "stand there and look pretty."  In and out in no time and hauled the old heater away, and also told me to call him anytime day or night if I need him.

George Fitzpatrick


We recently completed boilers in the gymnasium of a school yesterday and we are very impressed with these units; easy screens to troubleshoot, and the tech support is better than awesome. The units took a very cold gym from around 40 degrees to 72 degrees within 2 - 2.50 hours. The boilers actually were more than the air unit could put out, sometimes only one running or both at a low %. So far were only into day two of running but I have a lot of satisfied teachers and kids.

This means a lot to me; the time you took to educate me through my unfamiliarity - I'm green and always will be. Again, it means a lot. I love the product so far and highly recommend it compared to conventional units. 

Again, thanks is what this letter is about.

Bobby Michel


We have never had such consideration in our lifetime similar to what was awarded to us at Northeastern Supply during a cloud burst storm. After our purchase we were watching the rain and mentioned that our umbrellas were in the car. A few minutes later one of your employees, driver Bob Slavish, went to our car and handed them to us.

My wife and I agree that Northeastern Supply has service, care, and consideration from A to Z!

Jerry & Helen Unruh

Middletown, DE


Wanting to express my gratitude; Northeastern in general surpassed my expectations on 2 separate instances. Furthermore, Derek from your Landover location took time today to give me a call making sure all went well with the emergency service we were handling over the weekend. 

This level of customer service is rare. Thank you so very much!


I just want to extend to you and ALL your staff at Northeastern Supply, a gigantic thank you for being the absolute best supply vendor I have ever worked with!

In particular, I want you to know about the outstanding people at your Alexandria branch in Virginia. On top of being super-efficient at the order and receive stage of a job, they are quick to get me the answers I need on equipment pricing and availability. They are very good at ensuring on time delivery of equipment and components. Even if they have to be completely inconvenienced by going to another branch to pick up something, they will do it. If a mistake occurs, I would have a hard time noticing, because they fix it so fast!

We had an incident at that branch (in our truck!) when one of my technicians cut his hand pretty bad on a set of PVC cutters while reaching in his tool bag. Your staff immediately jumped into action like a super hero action squad! They quickly began some local first aid, shuttled him to the hospital nearby, and retrieved our installation vehicle keys to pass on to the technician I sent to recover our vehicle and the equipment for the installation taking place that day. Once my second technician got there, they quickly got him loaded up and on his way. The really nice part has been every time I called in the three days following the incident, every time I talked to a different person they asked about my technician and if he was ok! Which he is, he actually returned to the job, same day! Their inquiries were well received!

 John Hart, greatest rep ever, hands down. I have worked with some great guys, but John supersedes all! He gets things done, he doesn't B.S. you, he doesn't pester you, he has good technical knowledge; I can go on and on. The man is awesome.

As I also mentioned at the Orioles game, our delivery driver, Bill, is great for your front line! He is super pleasant and always smiling. My Stephanie thinks he is the sweetest person in the world!

As you already know, Stephanie Troilo is an asset to N.E.! She handles all our craziness with such finesse!

All in all, Northeastern Supply is fantastic! We are definitely fans of your team!

Dario Compain


I had a great experience I had when I visited and purchased items from Northeastern Supply on Pulaski Highway in Baltimore. In general the staff was friendly and helpful when I first walked in, but I dealt with Chris Shackleford for most of the time.  Chris was of great help and was very knowledgeable of the products he was selling. He helped me out a lot today and made things very easy.

It's very comforting to deal with confident and knowledgeable people.

Kevin Douglass


Today I received excellent professional service from Mr. Jay Fogle at your Easton branch.  Using his extensive knowledge of your stock Mr. Fogle developed a plan to help me with the airline that I was putting together for a fishpond I am making. Despite the fact that I am neither a plumber nor a regular customer Mr. Fogle help me in a very courteous, professional, and considerate manner. I really appreciate the time and attention he took with me.

Alan Mickelson


Just writing to say a gigantic THANK YOU, to you, Matt, and Dale, for going above and beyond in a time of need! At the dealer meeting, I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony of AMD Mechanical out of Waldorf, MD, he and his wife made us very aware of how great it is to work with Northeastern! They mentioned the personalized customer service they always receive, and after this experience, I can honestly tell you that I and IAQ Medics are Northeasterners for life! Your customer service has definitely exceeded my expectations!!!  My customer was very appreciative of your efforts as well, I explained to her the extent you went to and she was blown away that the distributor would go to such lengths to ensure she had heat! Thank you again for helping us in an unusual situation! Northeastern For Life!!!

Dario Compain


Just wanted to take a minute to tell you that besides you, the guys at the Middletown branch are the reason why we try so hard to give as much business as possible. We deal with several of your competitors, however none of the competitors give the attention that we need at times like you guys do. There have been several occasions that we needed Northeastern to go the extra mile for us and there was no hesitation from the guys in Middletown to make sure we were taken care of, even if that meant for Jarrod, Anthony or Rick himself to drive material that we needed to us or the job site in their own personal vehicles at that particular hour. I know and understand that’s not normal practice or business in the trade, but you guys sure make us feel like it is. Again this is just a small token of appreciation to let you know it is noticed and holds merit within our company. Thank you and the entire Middletown branch for all of your help and service.

Nick Salahi


I wanted to thank you for the recent transaction with the BASCO door that has been installed in our newly remodeled bathroom. You were very professional and answered all my questions as needed. I was able to perform the entire transaction via email and phone without having to drive over 70 miles round trip to your Bel Air store, and the entire process went flawlessly. I really appreciate your help and professionalism. Thank you very much for your efforts in helping us make this purchase painlessly.

Avninder S. Bhogal


You made my experience so enjoyable that I feel so much more confident in my decisions than before I walked into your showroom. Your professionalism and knowledge were outstanding! You seemed to understand exactly what style I was looking for, and walked me through the process from beginning to end. No pressure whatsoever! I will recommend Northeastern Supply to anyone who is interested in purchasing new plumbing fixtures, etc. Thank you so much for spending the time you did with me. You made the experience fun and enjoyable.

Randy Mitchell


First let me tell you that after working in the supply business for many years, I know this is the kind of communication you rarely get. I am a firm believer in telling you when you have done something wrong and when you have done something right. This is a “done something right”.

On Dec 18, 2012, I had a delivery of steel pipe going to a job site. When I got the call from your driver, Herb, no one was on site. I called my mechanic and was informed he had left the job. I called Herb back and asked if he would wait for me to come unload. His reply was “No problem”. It took me about 20 minutes to get on site; Herb was waiting and we unloaded. As I signed the ticket I reached into my pocket and offer him something for his trouble. His reply, "No sir that is part of my job." I asked are you sure I really appreciate your help. Again his reply, “No sir that's what I'm paid to do." Then he thanked me and off he went. In a time when so many people would not have even offered to help it is quite refreshing to come across someone like Herb. So Herb, thank you once again for your help and for being such a good person.

Gene Muir


I recently contacted the Thomas Somerville closest to me and attempted to purchase/order a tub I originally contacted Northeastern Supply about. After a 20-minute conversation, I was assured by the young man that I spoke to that he would call me right back with a price and a timeline. To date, no phone call.

In stark contrast, however, a few days later I walked into another Northeastern branch. A young man named Greg was quick to wait on me, even though I could tell that he was very busy as he was behind the counter by himself.

Greg could not have been more accommodating or more professional. After I told him what I was looking for, he was even kind enough to find a book with a picture of the tub to be sure that we were on the same page and that we were ordering the correct item. Greg told me that the tub would be in the next day and refused to take my money until the tub arrived, just in case. Well, lo and behold, the very next day, as promised, the tub was in and ready to be picked up, early enough in the day that it could be installed that day as well. The tub was exactly what I, (my wife), wanted and was in fine condition. I was more than happy to pay the very reasonable price for the unit.

The moral of the story? People, attitude, follow-up, and service make the difference between a customer who will never come back, nor recommend your business, (Thomas Somerville, Abingdon), and a customer who will visit your business, (Northeastern Supply, Bel Air), many times over.

Valued Customer, Harford County, MD

I have been in business since 1979 in the Carlisle area, at which time I opened an account with CP&H. I have not raised my labor rates in five years because of the economy and my loyal customer following. My profit margin on materials has also shrunk with the advent of the box stores. That being said, I would like to take a minute to express my appreciation to the manager & employees at your Carlisle branch. Because of their knowledge and their willingness to go out of their way to help their loyal customers, they have allowed my company to remain competitive in rough times. I pray for better times in the future of our great nation. Either we hang together or we fall apart.

Valued Carlisle Customer

Dear Mr. Cook,

Two weeks ago, I hadn't the slightest idea that your company even existed. Then, my air conditioner broke. It broke during the hottest day of summer's start!! I won't tell you the long version of my story. I'll let Benji of your Prince Frederick, MD store fill you in on all the details. I will tell you, however, that my story has a happy ending, thanks to them! The investment in your staff is most evident in the quality of customer service. Benji is truly "Blue-Chip"!  Please tell him thank you again.

Gail in Prince Frederick


We want to thank you so much for all your help with our bathroom remodeling. Everyone was so easy to work with and went the extra mile to get it done. We are very happy with the finished room and will gladly send people your way!

Ellsworth & Lynda Snyder

I was dealing with NE's main branch in Golden Ring/Baltimore on a local job and I must say that I was impressed by how polite NE's drivers are. They are very nice to work with on the job and very helpful. Other supply houses that deliver material to me use drivers who are not as polite or are as easy to work with. It is easy to see that NE cares and hires the best.

A Customer from Baltimore